Behind The Mirror

Former mega church pastor Jonathan Bowles talks deconstruction

February 8, 2018

Self-described former navy seal Christian, Jonathan Bowles (slingshot show) developed many of the top mega-church youth internship programs in the country. Preaching on Sundays to up to 5,000 people regularly, he quickly became a force in the mega church world.  He shares how he went from fasting 40 days at a time and reading the entire Bible multiple times per year, to a complete deconstruction of faith.  He openly discusses when his theology began to shift and the tension he felt while simultaneously having to tow the party-line. Hitting hard topics like the effects of being “blacklisted” from your community after leaving a church, how different beliefs can alienate you, and the struggles you encounter once you step outside “the box” – Jonathan is brave and honest while equally offering hope (and humor) to those venturing outside the church lines. In our conversation, he defines deconstruction and the difference between spirituality and religion.

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