Behind The Mirror

How to find friends you can be real with - the secret in building deep friendships

February 27, 2018

If you are craving deep, real friendships this episode is for you. So often we spend tons of time and energy on a friendship only to be later disappointed when it didn't pan out the way we thought it would. Frustrated you are left asking, who can you be real with? Or who can be trusted with the intimate details of your life?  THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.  Anna exposes 4 secrets of how to immediately spot a lifelong friend - and equally how to sniff out the bad ones: How do they handle your honesty? How do they treat their other friends? Do they have integrity? Do they love you without trying to change you? The truths behind these 4 questions will empower you to confidently know who to invest your time, engery and heart into. Anna also offers personal insight from her own journey on how to deal with shame based friendships and how to safeguard your spiritual health inside relationships.

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