Behind The Mirror

Talking about body - self-acceptance, sexuality and being present in your skin

August 9, 2019

We are made of three equal parts: mind, body and spirit. But, for many of us, mind and spirit are seen as the focus while our bodies are the afterthought. The body is often viewed as the flesh; the part that needs to be contained, managed and taught to submit. In this episode, I explore the idea of body being equally as valuable (and good) as spirit and mind. I share my experiences from purity culture and the lengths I went to in denying myself. I talk about how abuse and trauma played a part in my disconnection with body and how I separated from my body altogether. Disconnection with our bodies can lead to many addictive behaviors, self-harm, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. This episode is an honest look at my journey of learning self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, being present and how I am climbing back into my skin again - embracing every part of body as GOOD. 

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