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The Bible and Homosexuality - how I became affirming

June 15, 2019

After writing a recent blog on my journey of becoming affirming, I received a lot of questions like, "How can you be affirming when the Bible is so clear?" I decided a podcast would be the best way to address this subject in its entirety. I share how I walked through friends and family coming out to me, which began my journey of wrestling with theology. Covering the famous passages in scripture that address homosexuality, I break down historical context and translations. I discuss Old Testament, New Testament, Jesus and the spirit of the law vs. the legalism of it. All in all, this is one pastor's story of how I went from "the Bible is so clear" to becoming an affirming ally of the LGBTQ community. 


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References for further reading:

Rev. Justin Cannon:

Unclobber, by Cloby Martin:

Harbor, BT Harmon: 

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