Behind The Mirror

When dead things rise - the story of nature, of Jesus and of me

April 20, 2019

I hear many people say that they can't wait to get to heaven - to be in their "forever home" with their forever family. But, if heaven is the ultimate destination, why did Jesus raise Lazarus from the grave? Why did he weep at his tomb? Why did Jesus himself rise from death? No matter how much one says they want to "get to heaven", instinctively we all have a desire to stay here and live; it is built into the fragments of our DNA and our natural instinct.

The story of Jesus isn't merely his death on a cross and his coming back to life - that was the final chapter of a continual picture of dead things coming back to life. The story of a life to the fullest, cups running over and a life filled with more. Of dead hopes being reborn, social stigmas being removed and of things we think we will never see coming to life being reborn. This is the story of nature, the story of Jesus and story of me. 

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