Behind The Mirror

Why being desperate and hungry for God isn’t always healthy - how my prayer life changed

November 7, 2019

Before deconstructing, my life involved loads of prayer. Since I was a kid, prayer was a huge part of my life. I literally have nearly 50 journals filled with tear-stained pages, pleading and begging for God's comfort, peace and direction. In this episode, I discuss the damaging cycle so many find themselves in when God is their only safe place, only sense of connection and acceptance, or only "lover" of their soul. It sets the tone for depression, isolation and loads of denial.  During my journey in the wilderness, everything was stripped away - including my prayer life. I wanted connection with Spirit, but not the idol of religion it had been packaged in. Spirit led me to trade desperate hunger prayers, for prayers of acceptance, gratitude and authentic healing. 

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